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What is a house extension?

Home extensions are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays as society is choosing to update their old spaces by adding in extra space to their homes. There are a variety of different ways that homes can be extended and changed as every extension varies.  Call Bijan on 1300 049 516 for home extensions Melbourne. An extension can include aspects such as:

  • Reconfiguring the existing layout
  • Deciding to open up your space to create an extended ground floor
  • Building another floor level
  • Lifting and building under
  • Creating additional spaces like a granny flat

There is a huge importance when it comes to having experienced home extension builders and designers as part of your building process. The team of renovators should be there to help in assisting you to know what the best type of extension for your home is but also to be able to provide solutions to your problems, suggestions to ensure you’re utilising your space to its full potential but also adding value to your property at the same time.

Premium House Extension Builders

This is a crucial aspect as not every builder will take these factors into account and ensure that your property is now worth more than it was prior. It could be as simple as adding in another bedroom but a well-thought out and executed extension by your local home extensions Melbourne team can add as much as 20% more value to your home.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a team of professionals who specialise in house extensions Melbourne locals depend on. For this reason, at Renovare Templestowe we pride ourselves on being recognised as some of the best in the business. Our attention to detail, excellent customer service and quality finishes allows us to exceed your expectations whilst making your dream home goals a reality.

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If you want to know how or if you can increase your property value or what types of home extensions your house could undergo, arrange a consultation with one of our home extensions Melbourne experts today.

Are house extensions right for you?

There are many reasons why people decide to opt for a house extension. Your home could be overflowing and needing more space, your family could be growing, or you could be more inclined to renovating rather than building. The possibilities are endless and no matter what the reason is, Renovare Templestowe are always willing and wanting to help. As the premium choice to help anyone out with their home extensions Melbourne locals rave about the quality experience they received when unsure or helpless.

With the housing market continually booming in Australia, it’s a tough decision to make sometimes but home extensions sometimes can be an easier option. If you are unsure whether you would like to renovate or undergo a house extension, why not get in touch with one of our friendly home extensions Melbourne team members for a consultation?

Did you know house extensions can add value to your property?

Adding an extension to your home is a great way to add value to your property – especially if you’re adding in another bedroom. In fact, a well thought out extension can add as much as 20% more to your home’s value, if it offers an aesthetic, functional space that can improve the everyday home life. If you’re not sure if your house extensions will increase your property value, contact Renovare today to arrange a consultation with one of our home extensions experts.


With a wide variety of ways to expand your dwellings, here’s a few different house extensions Melbourne suburbs have or can undergo and what’s involved.

Single Storey

Although depending on your current layout, single-storey extensions usually involve adding an additional space to what is already existing. It’s perfect if you have a huge block of land or are wanting to add more living room space in front of behind your place. This is a very popular choice for home extensions Melbourne.

Second Storey

By removing your roof and building an additional floor on top of what you already have, you’re virtually doubling your space and home whilst also not sacrificing for a smaller backyard or front garden.

Granny Flat

Becoming more popular nowadays are self-contained spaces like granny flats which are on the same piece of land but are separate to the main house. This is ideal for guests or teenagers when they want to move out without moving out. This option depends on land size and can also come down to your location – we’d recommend getting one of our expert team members to evaluate your property before beginning construction for your home extensions Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Lift & Build Under

A common Queenslander building technique is the lift or build under. There can be two possibilities in terms of building under depending if your home is already on stumps (and at the right height) and it won’t affect the drainage. At Renovare, we always make sure that it fits with council regulations whilst we also try to appease you as the client too. The build under is a specialty of our services and house extensions Melbourne.

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Unsure of Where to Start?

As the premium leading home extension builders, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. If you’ve got your own detailed plans or are too overwhelmed and have no plans at all when it comes to extending the Renovare Templestowe team have you covered!

We have an easy 3 step process that ensures you’re covered and having an enjoyable time.

01. Concept
02. Approval
03. Build

Still, Searching for Home Extensions Builders?

When it comes to finding a team of builders who specialise in house extensions Melbourne residents rely upon, look no further than the Renovare Templestowe team. The best in the business, Bijan and the team are super lucky to have passionate, hardworking builders and designers to help assist you in making the right decision when it comes to all your needs and house extensions Melbourne locals love and rely on.

If you’re ready to begin the start of your dream home, get in touch with the home extensions experts today. Get in touch with Bijan by calling 1300 049 516 or filling out the contact form below for all premium quality home extensions in Melbourne.

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